Friday, 29 March 2013


I said that I would post about tapes, so here we go! There's a wide variety of tapes, with different materials, patterns, colours and prices. There are plastic tapes, paper tapes and fabric tapes. The latter is the most expensive type. It's important to say that paper tapes are not the same as washi masking tapes. These ones are made using washi, a japanese paper. These ones are my favourities! In fact paper tapes are way better for doing paper crafts and scrapbooking.

Here you have some photos of my tapes, there are washi tapes and plastic tapes:

These ones are plastic tapes.


Some months ago I discovered these wooden templates which are great! I bought them online at Yozo Craft with other great items. I really recommend you this online shop, one day I'll try to post a review of  it here.

These templates are really useful, you can make an envelope or a gift box in just a few minutes. I bought some envelope templates, a gift box template and two label templates. Here you have some photos of them:

With this template you can make envelopes of 4 different sizes. 

These two envelope template are great!
With them you can make very original envelopes, soon I'll post some photos of the results.

As you see in the drawing in the middle of the template,
you can make a very cute gift box similar to those they give you in a bakery.
These two are also very cute! With each of them you can draw two different shapes of label
(one is the inside part of the template and the other is the outside part).

Soon I'll post some fotos of crafts I did with them!~

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Paper crafts, the basics II: PAPERS

There are a lot of different scrapbook papers, combine different patterns, colours and textures. You can find a lot of patterns and even papers with different patterns in each of the sides:

There are also textured scrapbook papers as you can see in the following photo:

But you can also use "normal" papers, I mean, more common papers like onionskin paper, craft paper and even watercolour paper. I personally love craft paper and I try to use it as much as I can ♥

Finally, neon papers are also great, I love them!

Paper crafts, the basics I: TOOLS

In this post I will show you the basic tools you'll need to do paper crafts. First of all, you'll need a pencil, a rubber, scissors, a ruler and a bone or plastic folder. Folders are great for doing origami, for example, and they are very useful for all kinds of paper crafts. As I said, there are bone folders and plastic folders. I have a plastic one and it works great, but if you want a durable one you should buy a bone one, which is more expensive.

You'll also need punches, they offer you a lot of possibilities. You can find a great punches with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Most of the punches I have are of the brand Artemio, which is quite affordable. Punches to round corners are great, too!

String is also very useful as you'll see in the next posts. You can find a great variety of string, but I have to say that my favorite is the natural one.

Another basic thing you'll need is paper, of course! But I won't talk about it in this post, you'll have to wait for the next one, in which I'll give you some tips. There are other useful tools such as templates and washi tape that I'll show you soon.

Monday, 25 March 2013


Some months ago I discovered the website ColourLovers and I found that it was a great source of inspiration. It's a great website where you can play with colours and create palettes and patterns and colour them.

My account of ColorLovers is PaperFlower. I encourage you to create an account and try it, it's very fun and addictive! :)

Here you can find some of the palettes I made, my favourites ♥


Hello everyone!
I'm Marta and I'm from Barcelona, I love vintage and crafts.

I created this blog with the idea of sharing crafts related to PAPER. I'll try to show you some techniques, materials and ideas. And you will also find interesting links: inspiration blogs, crafts blogs, shops... and even bakery recipes!

I'll start by the basics of paper crafts (basic tools, tips...) and then I'll post some tutorials, ideas and crafts made by me.

I don't have much time, but as soon as I can I will update the blog.

Thanks for reading and see you soon! ~